GABS Festival

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Get ready for a taste adventure with more than 60 exhibitors showcasing their finest creations. You’ll get to uncover new favourites, savour limited releases and mingle with the passionate individuals behind the brews. Grab tasters or full ours, join the lively atmosphere with games, activities, and competitions offered at many stands. Don’t miss out on the excitement—join in and experience it all!

What beers do we brew? We make beer that we want to drink and that our mates would be proud of.
4 Pines
Born in Curl Curl, raised in Brookvale- we are 7th Day Brewery delivering some of the best beers on the Beaches!
7th Day Brewery
Fresh out of Five Dock Sydney, Akasha is an award-winning independent craft brewery dedicated to making fresh, high-quality, hop-forward IPAs and more.
Akasha Brewing Co.
Canberra's Ale Mary Brewing Co. is already a multi award winning independent microbrewery, founded late in 2022 by three local guys with one thing in common, a love of all thing’s beer. It was over a few beers that an idea was born. “We need to make craft beer for beer drinkers” was the line that started it all.
Ale Mary Brewing Co
Balter believes that good beer shares a lot of qualities with a good host - they’re both approachable, thoughtful, and value character over currency. Above all, both help to bring a wide range of people together with enjoyment, because in the words of Head Brewer Scotty Hargrave, "good beer is for everyone".
Behemoth is Back! Making over 800 unique beers in the last 10 years, Behemoth always has something to delight the taste buds. Starting their journey as contract brewers in New Zealand over a decade ago, they have grown in NZ to have their own brewery & hospitality venues but also to make enough beer to expand into Australia.
The Baron's Way. At Barons we're all about bringing those memories back, because beer is more than just a drink.
barons brewing
BentSpoke Brewing, founded in 2014 by Richard Watkins and Tracy Margrain, is renowned for pushing the boundaries of beer with over 1000 innovative brews. BentSpoke's flagship IPA, Crankshaft, has been on the podium of GABS Hottest 100 for seven years, while the brewery has also won numerous awards from top competitions.
Now it all started when two of your favourite Aussie battlers from Sydney’s South Coast, Matt Ford and Jack Steele. They took the average beer and asked "what can we do to make it better?", and the answer was simple- remove the bad and add more of the good.
Better Beer
Blackflag Brewing
BrewArt is the world’s first fully automated personal brewing system. Consisting of the BeerDroid, a fully automated, temperature-controlled fermenter and the BrewFlo, a chilled dispensing system that doesn't require CO2. Create your favourite beer styles and flavours using our carefully crafted BrewPrints.
Quality Nonsense... that's it.
Brookvale Union
Brouhaha was born in Maleny in 2016, where four lads actually did what many of us have dreamed of doing – they put their money where their mouth is and opened a brewery. Brouhaha now operates out of two locations, with the traditional home in Maleny being the kitchen and taproom and Baringa, the production brewery also with a large taproom!
At Broulee Brewhouse, we take pride in crafting exceptional beers that reflect the spirit of our coastal community. Our beers captures the essence of coastal living and craft beer culture.
Broulee Brewhouse
We're a family-founded brewery who strive to make incredible beer, meaningful connections and have a bloody good time. Whether you enjoy a crisp Lager or something big and hoppy, Chris and Gareth our brilliant brewers have you covered. We supply to only independent local bottlos. Our tap room in the heart of the beaches has 17 taps, live music 5-nights a week, is dog friendly, screen-free and does everything to help you get into a Bucketty State of Mind.
Easy drinking beers. Come to us for a beer and great vibes and food at our modern, child, dog friendly Sunny Coast venue.
Coolum Beer Co
Meet Curly Lewis. A local independent brewery from Bondi serving up fresh brews made for beachside sipping. All our beers are made onsite, preservative free, crafted with aussie malt, and vegan friendly.
Curly Lewis
Dad & Dave's Brewing is an independently owned and operated family business. Yes - the whole family - Dad, Dave, Mum, Jess, Scott and James! Dad (John) and Dave are qualified brewers who are passionate in making approachable & sessionable craft beer, and have decades of experience in the hospitality industry between them. We focus on using the traditional ingredients of malt, hops, water and yeast, and then combine these with some innovative ingredients and brewing techniques to live up to our motto – “We make beer, delicious beer!”
Dad & Dave's Brewing
Discover Dangerous Ales, born in Milton on the NSW South Coast, founded by Damien Martin, a local with a passion for wild flavors and fermentation. With culinary expertise honed in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen and prestigious establishments like Quay, his time at Vasse Felix ignited his love for fermentation. Experience our daring brews at GABS beer festival and dive into a world where wild meets wonderful.
Dangerous Ales
Natural wine made in hell.
Doom Juice
Our idea behind Esker centres around life's journey being a path. A path that takes you on winding adventures, be it around the world, or simply around Sydney. You could be chasing a career, travelling the far reaches of the earth, or just going for a bushwalk in Bidjigal Reserve. The Home of Esker is at the Australian Hotel & Brewery in Rouse Hill. Our production facility there has been the only brewery in the Hills Shire for the last 12 years.
Esker Beer Co
Five Barrel Brewing is a family-owned and operated brewery in the heart of Wollongong. Over the last eight years, we have been dedicated to giving our customers only the best of craft beer - fresh, unfiltered, unpasteurised and now sustainable. Always striving to leave a smaller footprint on our planet.
Five Barrel Brewing
Frank’s Cider is a clear sparkling cider range made with quality 100% Tasmanian apples, pears, cherries and raspberries.
Franks Cider
We're a beachy brewery focussing on crisp lagers and easy drinking beers. Nuanced styles that aim to refresh and keep the conversation going. We take pride in brewing beers the right way, which means long lagering times, stepped mashing and the right ingredients. Check out our fresh, lagers pouring at this year's GABS.
Freshwater Brewing Co
The Garage Project is a unique craft brewery that began in a literal garage in Wellington, New Zealand. Founded by three friends with a passion for brewing. The Garage project represents a celebration of creativity, exploration, and the spirit of DIY innovation in the craft beer world.
Garage Project
At Good Land Brewing Co. Our ‘Specialty’ beers are brewed in one-off, unique, seasonal batches that are served on a first in first served basis… This doesn’t have to mean the good times can’t last forever! Our ‘Core’ range will typically be available all year round meaning there’ll always be plenty of the good stuff for you to enjoy.
Good Land Brewing Co
The Grifter Brewing Company began when Matt King, Glenn Wignall and Trent Evans set out to do just that in 2012. From the far-out and fruit-driven to classic styles with a new world spin, every Grifter beer is made with best-quality hops, malts and sheer drinkability in mind.
The Grifter
Marrickville microbrewery Kicks Brewing is focused on creating fresh, progressive, highly drinkable beers. We may not take ourselves too seriously, but our relaxed attitude to life is underpinned by our expert knowledge, attention to detail and unwavering passion for beer making.
Kicks Brewing
Starting life as Australia’s most remote brewery at our spiritual home in Broome WA, Matso’s is now enjoyed at pubs, bars and backyards right across the country. First brewed in 1997, Matso's Ginger Beer is Australia's Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer.
We're a family owned boutique brewery specialising in unique brews, showcased on our 18 taps. We’re the only place you can get a Mixtape beer, with our 300L system being put through its paces churning out fun and creative beers such as Gruits, Raw Ales, Hopped Sours, IPA’s and Double Fruited Sours and more.
Mixtape Brewing
In 2024, Modus celebrates 10 years of living and breathing the mantra of Beer First. No Shortcuts. Our Aussie beer family consists of Modus Beer, NORT non alcoholic beer and Modus Cerveza. We are 100% family owned, a 100% Green Energy brewery with sustainability at the heart of all we brew.
Moffat Beach Brewing Co believe everyone deserves a taste of the good life. We brew some of the finest craft beers on the Sunshine Coast, and in fact some of the most highly-awarded beer in Australia. From perennial favourites to seasonal releases, our beers are inspired by the people and places of the Sunshine Coast.
Moffat Beach
Monkey Shoulder is a premium Speyside blended malt scotch whisky. Rich in flavour with notes of vanilla, orange & spice, it's made for mixing.
Monkey Shoulder
Passionately dedicated to brewing the best craft beer in the world, in less than 2 years they expanded their operation. Some clever folk (that’s you, the Australian people) also thought their Status Quo Pale Ale was pretty great and voted it in as the #1 beer in Australia back-to-back in the GABS Hottest 100!
Mountain Culture
From the refreshing hot-weather favourite Summer Ale, through to the award-winning Rare Breeds and the world’s first Very Enjoyable Beer, no matter where you are on your craft journey, there is a Mountain Goat beer for all occasions. The Goats have also been tinkering about with spirits, with a Hopped Gin created with hop-heads in mind.
Mountain Goat Beer
We believe in the power of community, humanity and unique self-expression, and our beers are a reflection of that. Whether your'e in the mood for a bold IPA an indulgent stout, a refreshing lager or a fruit-filled sour.
One Drop Brewing Co.
A quirky brand from a gypsy brewer inspired by mans best friend.
Prickly pete and the wolf brewing co
Surround yourself with good people, enjoy amazing drinks & food, take pride in what you create. These principles ignited a passion, which lead to the Principle Brewing Brand being created. All our beers are handcrafted with care and the best possible ingredients. Our full range of beers, from stouts to sours can fit perfectly into every occasion you find yourself in.
Principle Brewing Company
Range Brewing is an independent, small batch brewery in Newstead, Brisbane. We make the freshest, juiciest beers in all of the land, drawing on modern brewing techniques, the lastest in innovative ingredients and a passion that is unmatched.
Range Brewing
At Reckless Brewing Co., we only use the finest, freshest ingredients to make our 100% all natural beer. That means unpasteurised, preservative-free brews, locally made for your drinking pleasure. Most of them even get the vegan-friendly stamp of approval, with rare exceptions that we’ll always tell you about.
Reckless Brewing Co
What started out as a dream that was nurtured since 2007, locals Matt & Mark were two mates who shared a passion for all things brewing. In 2018, the boys opened the doors to their very first nanobrewery in Penrith. This allowed them to experiment and really hone in on creating and perfecting brews for their fellow beer enthusiasts and local community.
Rusty Penny Brewing
We make hand crafted, artisanal beers that explore a ever changing selection of styles with a diverse array of farmed and foraged ingredients that showcase the “terroir” of place and are an expression of our areas agricultural & maritime history and the pristine wilderness that we call home.
Sailors Grave Brewing
Seeker Brewing is situated on the coastline of Wollongong, just under the Illawarra escarpment in Dharawal country. From the vibrant music scene and a thirst for adventure – fostered by mountains and surf – Seeker Brewing was born. Seeker brews pair perfectly with a post-adventure afternoon sunset, shared with like-minded souls and great friends.
Seeker Brewing
Join us on a journey that began back in 2018, when Shout Brewing Co. started pouring their passion into a cozy cellar door nestled in Mayfield. Today, they've grown into a laid-back 10 tap bar, right on the edge of Islington. What sets us apart? It's the heart and soul we pour into every batch. Shout Brewing Co. Tell ‘em to give you a Shout
Shout Brewing Co
Central Coast born and bred, we are a proudly locally owned and independent craft brewery, brewing & packaging all our beer onsite in Erina. We are all about great beer and great music, a combination we think is the ultimate collaboration.
Six String Brewing Co
We are a small husband and wife owned brewery driven by a passion for brewing beer and sharing it with others. All of our beer is produced in our own brewery located in the Sydney suburb of Botany.
Slow Lane Brewing
It started over 50 years ago, not the beer, but a friendship in kindergarten that has grown into a love of sport and great beer. Sundowners are the beers you have with friends at the end of the day as the sun goes down, at a BBQ with family and mates, after
Sundowner Brewing Co.
Everything we do has one goal in mind: bringing people together around great beer and cider, and great food of course. We make the kind of brews you can enjoy more than one of, with a range that has everyone’s tastes covered.
Sydney Brewery
Welcome to our family-friendly brewery, a hidden gem sprawled across 69 acres in the heart of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Here, we push the boundaries of brewing, infusing each batch with locally sourced ingredients and a touch of Sunshine Coast magic.
The first brewery in Sydney's St George area, The Social Brewers believes that Great Beer is Better Shared. Our passion lies in creating sessionable, well-balanced beers using all NSW malts.
The Social Brewers
Back when prawn cocktails were fine dining, beer in a can was called a Tinnie. From simpler times comes the inspiration for this modern craft beer. Proudly 100% Aussie made, Tinnies is crafted from the finest hops, malt, and barley, to give you top quality craft in a tin. Easy.
Village Days Brewing Co. Founded in 2023. With a focus on fresh, local beer and an expansive, family-friendly taproom, the brewery is already establishing itself as a firm local favourite. The beers themselves focus on balance and drinkability, with a slant towards German styles in particular.
Village Days Brewing Co.
We live for adventure. Our brews encourage everyone to take the road (or beer) less travelled and to enjoy a nice cold one along the way. Whether you're climbing that mountain, hitting the open road or soaking up some beachside vibes, Wayward is along for the ride.
Wayward Brewing Co.
Our beers are hand crafted from our brewery located inside a 150-year-old steel mill, a site that also houses our taproom for the enjoyment of the local community and beer loving visitors. We are immensely proud of our beers and the awards they have won, including our Lager that was crowned “Australia’s Champion Beer” at the 2022 Independent Brewers Awards.
White Bay
Born on the Sunshine Coast, we're dedicated to drinking good beer, with good mates and having a bloody good time!
Your Mates