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Check out all 120 brewery beers below and you’ll discover creations from an easy drinking 2.5% fruit beer to a choice of huge 10% stouts and strong ales. Map out your tasting journey before you go. Hover over the brewery logo to see all the details on their beer including style, ABV and tasting notes

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#1 Clifton Hill Brewing (VIC) HONEY GUM (RED IPA)

7.0% Red IPA
"A toffee- like biscuity aroma gives way to caramel driven flavors, Red gum Honey delivers moderately sweet eucalyptus flavors as a dark fruit malt character pays tribute to the intense tropical and stonefruit hop profile. This red finishes smoothly with a hint of roasted malt"

#2 Brewmanity Beer Co (VIC) Choc à l'orange

7.0% Imperial Stout
"A selection of the finest after dinner choc orange confectionaries rolled into a creamy stout."

#3 Six String Brewing Co (NSW) Spaghetti Saison

5.0% Saison/Farmhouse Ale
"Basil & Peppercorn Saison Bright and pungent, with a basil-forward, herbaceous garden aroma suspended with the delicate presence of citrus, pepper, and clove. Sweet, savoury & refreshing. Light in body, dry in finish, perfectly al dente!"

#4 The Brew Baron Beer Co. (QLD) Cocoa Comet

7.0% Porter
"A hot chocolate drink for adults only! Brewed for the serious chocoholic, a sweet, cocoa nibbed rich Porter, giving a silky smooth mouth feel and a full body. Health Warning: can be addictive."

#5 8 Wired (NZ) Crumbs - Imperial Cookie Stout

10% Imperial Stout
"Crumbs Imperial Cookie Stout is the rebellious love child of a midnight baker and a beach-loving coconut. It's the beer equivalent of licking the bowl after making cookies – only if that bowl also had hazelnuts, oats, and a dash of mischief. Sip, savour, and embrace the delicious chaos of crumbs. You won't need a trail to find your way back to this one."

#6 Aetheon Brewing (WA) Unlikely Friends

7.8% Specialty Beer
"It's not a GABS without weird sounding beers. Enter Unlikely Friends a Matcha and White Chocolate White Stout, what a mouthful! We've done white stouts, and we've used matcha but now we want to combine them into one glorious creation. It'll be weird, it'll be fun and it'll be green and to us that's what GABS is all about."

#7 Red Duck (VIC) White Forest

5.6% Cream Ale
"Treat yourself to a gulp of heaven - succulent cherries and creamy white chocolate, harmoniously blended into a dreamy cream ale!"

#8 Akasha Brewing Co. (NSW) Dank & Stormy

5.8 % American Amber/Red
Starting life as an Amber ale, this cocktail inspired delight has some ginger fire within. We have combined dank hops, ginger and a love of puns to create warming, aromatic masterpiece. Serve with lime or add rum to strengthen the connection to the classic refresher

#9 Canobolas Brewing Co (NSW) Screamin' Peach

4.0% Fruit Beer
"We took our delicious wheat beer base and added a heaping pile of peaches and high scoville cayenne pepper straight into the whirlpool to make an exciting rollercoaster of flavour. With every sweet sip your tastebuds will come screaming for another delicious sip."

#10 Wandana Brewing Co (NSW) Funky Gose To Hollywood

6.0% Gose Sour
"Ingredients; Malt Hops Deep Purple Water Black Berries Yeast A refreshing Blackberry Gose Sour, fermented 24/7 to the sound vibrations of Deep Purple."

#11 Jetty Road Brewery (VIC) Old Mate

7.0% Irish Amber/Red
"Rum old fashioned meets amber ale, toffee, vanilla and zesty orange."

#12 King River Brewing (VIC) King River Double Red IPA

8.5% Red IPA
"We have taken our best selling King River Red IPA and turned it up to 11! We put together a cranked up malt & hop bill to really enhance those big passionfruit, grapefruit and citrus notes. This is a beer for the flavour hunters."

#13 Hiker Brewing Co (QLD) Don't Take The Pith

6.5% Porter
"A luscious chocolate and orange porter, combining rich chocolate malt with vibrant orange zest. The aroma is a tempting mix of bittersweet chocolate and citrus. With each sip, the beer unfolds with a velvety texture, balancing smooth chocolate with zesty orange notes. Toffee and caramel undertones add sweetness, leading to a clean finish with a subtle dark chocolate bitterness."

#14 Temple Brewing Co (VIC) Brunswick Grape Ale

7.3% Specialty Beer
''Based on an Italian Grape Ale, with some local Brunswick flair! We sourced spent Shiraz grapes from our neighbours Noisy Ritual Urban Winery. This beer was fermented on the pressed Shiraz skins, complimented by the use of a Belgian yeast to produce some delicate spice and fruity esters. This creates a nuanced, and at the same time, a very drinkable ale. Saluti!''

#15 Molly Rose Brewing (VIC) Pepper, Pepper, Pepper

6.1% American IPA
"Using vacuum distillation, we capture the essence of chilli PEPPER (habanero), black PEPPER and Szechuan PEPPER in this west coast IPA. This extraction get's all of the flavour and leaves behind the burn. Lucky we added some horseradish distillate to spice things up a bit!"

#16 Stomping Ground Brewing Co (VIC) Double Lemon Shochu Shandy

6.0% Pale Lager
"A shochu double lemon zesty brew with notes of lemon peel and subtle shochu. This tart and fizzy delight finishes dry and refreshingly smooth."

#17 Cavalier Brewing (VIC) Smoke Rings

4.9% Kettle Sour
"Inspired by your childhood christmases spent at Gran's House. The smoked caramalized pineapple on the nose, the refreshing pop of sour cherry and pineapple on the palate. Its the only beer you need this year, to bring right back to those warm summer months, even in the heart of winter. Served best, paired with a bbq, pork crackle or of-coursed - a glazed christmas ham."

#18 Rusty Penny Brewing (NSW) Hybrid Theory Red Rye IPA

8.0% Red IPA
"Experimental HBC hop combined with the tasty toffee flavour of red malts"

#19 Devilbend Farm Beer Co. (VIC) Open Relationship

5% Classic Pilsner Lager
"From the first pour to the last lingering sip, our Triple Decoction Open-Fermented Classic Pilsner seduces your palate with its crisp, clean profile and subtle hints of malt sweetness and noble hops. Each sip is a celebration of the brewer's art, a testament to the timeless allure of tradition in a world too often defined by haste and imitation."

#20 KAIJU! Beer (VIC) Krushberry Pi 3.142%

3.1% Pastry Sour
"Luscious vanilla and subtle pie crust blend with the unmistakable flavour of juicy Krushberries®"

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#21 Seeker Brewing (NSW) Bounty Hunter

10.1% Imperial Stout
"Barrel aged in fresh Rum barrels from Brix distillery then blended back in to a decedant stout loaded up with coconut and cacao nibs."

#22 3 Griffins Brewing High Carb White IPA

4.2% IPA - White
"Training for a marathon or endurance event? Carbo loading? Need to increase your stores of glycogen? Bodybuilding and looking to maintain muscle mass whilst training? Or just sick of people telling you to drink no / low carb beer? Then this Carbo Loading White IPA is for you! Originally designed for an assignment in the Graduate Certificate of Brewing at Federation University, this White IPA packs in the carbohydrates and is a fruit, spicy and refreshing version of an American IPA."

#23 Precinct Brewing (QLD) Tarte Noir

6% Kettle Sour
"Tarte Noir - a black kettle-soured ale full of dark winter berries (mulberry, blackberry), complemented by a softening addition of vanilla bean and pastry elements. Hold it up to the light, then hold it up to your mouth!"

#24 Freshwater Brewing Co (NSW) Paradise Pils

5.0% Classic Pilsner Lager
"Brewed using traditional undermodified malts and traditional methods.Raising temperatures to impart maximum flavour & extra long fermentation time in our horizontal tanks result in a frothy, tight white head, delicious lacing on the glass and delicious depth of flavour. A classic pilsner. Brewed on the Northern Beaches. Paradise Pils."

#25 Smiley Brewing (VIC) Rum Running

7.0% Specialty Beer
"It's 5 o'clock somewhere... enjoy this beer like your sitting beach side or on a deck chair at a famous tiki bar in the florida keys, a neipa base with heavy pineapple tones, topped with the classic ingredients the rum runner cocktail is renowned for."

#26 Blackflag Brewery (QLD) Nitro Citrus - Blood Orange Chocolate Porter

6.5% Porter
"The Nitro Citrus Blood Orange Chocolate Porter reveals a deep ruby red colour with a dense head. We've ramped the Orange on this one, upon pouring, aromas of lush orange and chocolate burst out of the glass. It tastes of bright blood orange up front spun with chocolate on the back end. Low bitterness and soft full mouthfeel, adds to the richness."

#27 Urban Alley Brewery (VIC) Yu Zerious? - Yuzu Russ”

2.8% Fruit Beer
''Yuzu! (Japanese citrus fruit) Russ! (Hefeweizen Radler/Shandy) Yuzu Russ!''

#28 Hop Hen Brewing (VIC) Dubbel Dutch

7.8% Belgian Dubbel
"This Belgium Dubbel is deep, dark and smooth. The Dutch sweet biscuit treat known as' Specuulas' is the inspiration for this beer and the use of selected spices throughout the boil add these delicious flavours. Stay in touch with the Dutch!!"

#29 Bowden Brewing (SA) Soolong Sucka

6.5% American IPA
"Combining new world hops with old world tea to create something both Nan and Dad will enjoy. Soothing aromas of Oolong and black tea complimented by subtle hints of raspberry and monk pear pair with new world hops to create a balanced but unique take on an American IPA. A refreshing and nuanced drinking experience for tea and beer lover alike."

#30 Captain Bligh's Brewery (TAS) Wise and the Foolish

5.8% Weizenbock
"This beer is only for the wise and the foolish. Based on a very old French/Belgium Gissete style, we have produced a dark version to suit late Autumn drinking. Malty, bready, caramel with hints of banana and spice. OOH LA LA!"

#31 7th Day Brewery (NSW) Guava Lava Imperial IPL

8.6% New England (Double) IPA
"A massive guava hit backed up a finessed Imperial India Pale Lager body. Hoppy heaven in a glass!"

#32 Ocean Reach Brewing (VIC) Pig Pickin Cake

6.0% Milkshake IPA
"Presenting Pig Pickin' Cake: an oat cream IPA infused with tangy mandarins, juicy oranges, and sweet pineapple, all wrapped up in a soft, fluffy yellow cake. Topped with a luscious, creamy vanilla frosting that will have you wanting to lick the glass clean!"

#33 Sauce Brewing Co (NSW) Hopless - Botanical IPA

6.2% Gruit
"A classic IPA base, using anything but hops!. With horehound for bittering, elderberry and honey for flavour and aroma, this well balanced, yet delightfully different IPA will leave you wanting more."

#34 TWØBAYS Brewing Co. (VIC) Wakame Up Before You Gose

4.5% Gose Sour
"Seaweed and rice? Sounds like a sushi roll to us. Brewed with rice base malts and Wakame Kelp, hand harvested from Victorian waters, then kettle soured to give a light, refreshing and delicately balanced gose - slightly salty, slightly sour, super refreshing."

#35 Black Hops Brewing (QLD) Michelager

5.5% Lager - Mexican
"Inspired by the beer-based cocktail, this Michelager Is spicy, zesty and a whole lot of fun to enjoy! Brewed with tomato juice, lime, chilli, and a few dashes of salt, this beer is balanced with a spicy kick."

#36 King Tide Brewing (NSW) Smooth Caffeinator

9% Dulce de Leche Affogato Stout
"Caramel sundae meets affogato meets imperial stout in this homage to a classic tune about a fashionable con-man. Lashings of dulce de leche, lactose and steaming Hope Road espresso transform this rich imperial stout into a deceptively smooth and crafty, late-night treat for the nightbirds. This is our second coffee beer collab with local espresso bar, Hope Road. We are two likeminded businesses in the Coffs Habrour CBD, with a passion for serving the local community with great drinks, good humour and fun times."

#37 BOBs Beer(QLD) Blackberries, Blueberries and Sour Patch kids!

4.5% Sour - Kettle Sour
"Using copious amounts of the famous candy, our beer should start off with a sour front palate and finishing with notes of berries and other dark fruit. We are going to use a European yeast which should add and element of funk as well."

#38 Deeds Brewing (VIC) Supermassive Black Hole

12% Stout - Pastry
"We aimed for an epic pastry stout, larger than any before. By extracting and condensing sugar from multiple batches, we created a rich base. Combining it with cocoa and almonds, we crafted a singular brew. Inspired by the irresistible allure of a Milky Way chocolate bar, we infused it with flavors fitting of a cosmic phenomenon. Collaborating closely with our lead brewer, Emily Usher, we strived to create a beer that could rival, if not surpass, our previous giant pastry stouts."

#39 Badlands Brewery (NSW) Feiladh Mor ("Great Kilt")

8% Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy
"Let Feiladh Mor wrap you up in a warm blanket. Rich, malty, boozy & smooth. Food Pairing: Deep-Fried Mars bar and a Depth-charge of your favourite peaty Scotch. Freeeeddddddoooooommm!!!!"

#40 Wayward Brewing Co. (NSW) Mai TaIPA

6.5% Fruit Beer
A citrusy, tropical IPA with additions of orange, pineapple and orgeat from the classic tiki 'Mai Tai' cocktail. Nelson Sauvin, Idaho 7 and Motueka hops complement providing notes of stone fruit, pine resin and grapefruit notes

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#41 Shelter Brewing Co. (WA) Haze Train

5.7% Hazy IPA
"Citrus / Tropical / Punchy"

#42 Aether Brewing (QLD) Creature of the Deep

8% Oatmeal Stout
"Brewed with oats, wheat & chocolate malt, finished with Tasmanian kelp to add a suble saltiness then put into 500L puncheons to age. The barrels are then loaded onto a work boat & dropped into the Pacific Ocean to age at the bottom of the sea until the last minute when they are bought back to the light of day and packaged for your drinking pleasure. A beer like none other!"

#43 Forrest Brewing Co (VIC) Triple Sticky

8.5% Hoppy Lager
"Let’s turbo charge our Wet Hop Lager Sticky Fingers. Hops grown and hand picked from our farm in Forrest . How many hops can we fit in the kettle ? Add this to a heavy base of Australian malt. Wet Hop gone mad. Triple Sticky!!!!"

#44 Broulee Brewhouse (NSW) Rose Petal Raspberry Sour

4.6% Sour
"Packed with raspberries and infused with rose petals this pretty in pink sour has balanced flavours with a pleasant berry aroma."

#45 Powder Monkey Australia (NSW) “Shinigami” - Umami Smoked Porter

5.5% Smoked Beer (non Rauchbier)
"Bold smokiness intertwines with Japanese umami. Earthy malt and dark chocolate notes complement savory depth. Velvety mouthfeel with lingering finish. A unique fusion, offering a memorable drinking experience that celebrates tradition and innovation, brewed with authentic Dashi and Tamari flown fresh directly from Shiga Japan."

#46 Working Title Brew Co. (QLD) Sucker Punch Strawberries & Cream Lollipop Sour

8.0% Pastry Sour
"A nostalgic, hard candy lollipop sour that will remind you of the good old days. Kickflip your way through a berry wonderland whilst pumping Run DMC on the discman. Marshmallows in the kettle, co-fermented with lactobacillus, and secondary fermented on real strawberries.."

#47 Frenchies Brewery (NSW) Aurora Australis Wonder Ale

12.5% Belgian Dark Strong Ale
"This Dark Red Belgian Ale was brewed on Christmas Eve 2023 and matured over the summer and autumn months, ready to spark some festive joy during the Aussie winter. Bring some warmth to your table, and get ready to celebrate Christmas both at GABS and all winter long with us!"

#48 Valley Hops Brewing (QLD) Lazy Bones

6.0% Brut IPA
"Lazy Bones Extra Dry IPA captures the essence of an idyllic summer afternoon, with a fusion of ripe peach, subtle lime and citrus notes (like a dreamy peach Bellini). Cheers to the bliss of laid-back living!"

#49 Rocks Brewing Co (NSW) Pandan White Chocolate Stout

6% Pastry Stout
"Pandan, chocolate and coffee in a thick light Ale."

#50 Beereratne Brewing (VIC) Sparkling Saison Noir

7.2% Saison/Farmhouse Ale
"We wanted to make a beer that celebrated where it was made - the Yarra Valley. This is a super crisp and dry saison, highly effervescent, with some spiciness from rye malt, floral notes from Victorian hops, and a slight pinkish hue from the additions of fresh cherries from a local farm in Wandin."

#51 Westside Ale Works (VIC) Hop Yearning

7% American IPA
"Do you ever have that yearning for a classic, clear West Coast IPA? We are giving the people what they want this year! Heavily hopped throughout the brewing process from Mash, First Wort, Boil and Double Dry Hopped! Classic notes of Pine, Grapefruit and Stone Fruits. Your yearning for a great IPA from first sip to the last is over!"

#52 Common Ground Brewing (QLD) Pineapple Punch

6.0% Kettle Sour
"Pineapple and coconut smoothy is a delightful tropical flavoured sour beer, that combines the refreshing taste of pineapple and creamy coconut, Added scorched coconut cream and Marange."

#53 Newstead Brewing Co (QLD) Two Thumbs Toasted Ironbark West Coast IPA

8.0% American IPA
"The West Coast IPA, with its most iconic hops – Centennial, Cascade, and Columbus – harmoniously entwined with the refreshing essence of Australian Eucalyptus. This beer is a bold adventure, marrying the intense citrus and pine flavors of the West Coast with the unique herbal notes of Eucalyptus."

#54 Good Folk Brewing (NSW) Lemon & Key Lime Meringue Pie Sour

8.0% Kettle Sour
"The tartness from the kettle souring process lights up your palate. The bright notes of fresh lemons and key limes follow, creating a harmonious balance of sour and sweet. The meringue flavor adds a luscious and creamy dimension, reminiscent of a velvety lemon meringue pie."

#55 Noisy Minor (QLD) Angry Fish

8.0% Baltic Porter
"Big and roasty like a brown porter that's been paired with dark malts and fermentation like a Schwarzbier. Expect to feel the warmth, delicious dark berry flavours and an all-round bountiful beer with alcohol warmth to finish."

#56 Soapbox Beer (QLD) The Sanga

5.5% Experimental Beer
"The delicious Aussie interpretation of the classic American sanga, the PB & J. Every sanga needs a wheaty, whitebread base, a layer of peanut butter and lashings of purple jelly."

#57 Ramblers Ale Works (VIC) Honey Honey, Joy Joy

6.5% Specialty Beer
"Your childhood kitchen on a rainy day: toasted flakes of corn starting to brown on the edges, aromatic honey beginning to caramelize. Honey joys! This brew is thick and chewy in body, bursts into gentle flavors of toasted corn and honey, and draws you in with that classic aroma capable of transporting you back in time."

#58 Slipstream Brewing Co. (QLD) Pick of the Bunch

5.5% Specialty Beer
"This beer embodies the essence of a classic Banana Cream Pie. Fragrant ripe banana aromas intertwine with subtle notes of vanilla and coconut. With each sip, the beer reveals layers of flavour akin to the layers of the luscious and creamy pie. Velvety sweet banana takes centre stage on the palate, complemented by a gentle hint of vanilla reminiscent of custard filling. A truly indulgent dessert experience in liquid form. "

#59 The Mill Brewery (VIC) Black Forest Gateau
Collaboration with Tarts Anon

6.5% Stout
Packed full of dark cocoa and juicy cherries, plus a symphony of specialty notes from New Zealand, Australia and Germany.

#60 Weihenstephan (GER) Braupakt

Spicy, with a characteristic yeast note, fruity and strong

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Choose from beers 61 to 80 in this section. Click on a logo to discover what GABS Festival Beer each brewery has made for you.

#61 Good Land Brewing Co (VIC) The Cowboy Slickshake

8.5% Pastry Stout
"Step back into the wild wild west and sip on this crazy thic choc, butterscotch, milkybar shake like smoothie stout. Yeah, that's right.... smoothie stout!"

#62 TBC

Coming soon

#63 Straddie Brewing Co (QLD) Vanta Manta

5.8% Schwarzbier
"A deeper, darker reimagination of our favourite Dark Lager, Vanta Manta is all that is dark, cold and creamy. Served on Nitro and opaque as the deepest depths and darkest nights."

#64 Dad & Dave's Brewing (NSW) Slice of Heaven - Thiolised NZ Pilsner

6.0% New Zealand Pilsner Lager
"An NZ Pilsner like none you have ever experienced before. Crisp, refreshing with big passionfruit and blackcurrant notes."

#65 Shout Brewing Co (NSW) Southern Crossed Lovers - ANZIPA

7.4% Hazy IPA
"Two nations, both alike in beer enthusiasm. In fair Newcastle, a southern affair held apart by Bledisloe cups, a refusal of statehood and 4157km of Tasman. This forbidden haze amongst two bickering populations is far from a tragedy. Stone fruit, passionfruit and pineapple blend into this thick, even chewy, golden IPA, creating poetry in a glass."

#66 Dangerous Ales (NSW) Mr. Phantastic

7.2% Cold IPA
"There’s no other beers like this on the market in Australia. Guava, passion fruit crushed gooseberry on the nose that carry’s through on the palate"

#67 Mountain Goat Beer (VIC) Spi-ski Margarita Gose

6.0% Gose Sour
"A Spicy Margarita Gose infused with Tajin salt, tequila and ghost chilli."

#68 Green Beacon (QLD) DDH Unicorn Frappe NEIPA

8.0% Milkshake IPA
"This fruited frappe (milkshake) IPA is packed with an absurd amount of strawberry, mango, passion fruit and mixed berry, dosed with lactose and vanilla and double dry hopped with Strata and Hull Melon. As the name suggests, this beer is a magical beast that will take your tastebuds on a mythical journey to land far far away."

#69 Copperlode Brewing Co. (QLD) Slatterpuss Watermelon Sour

4.0% Fruit Beer
"Using freshly harvested, locally grown watermelons and a dose of dried hibiscus flowers we have balanced the tartness of this kettle soured beer to create an absolutely smashable beer perfect for the Australian climate. Cheers!"

#70 Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers (VIC) Daily Tot

6.1% UK Brown Ale
"'A rich and malty brown ale fermented with English ale yeast. The final beer is conditioned on raisins and oak barrel chips soaked in Boatrocker's own spiced rum, creating a decadent drop worth lining up for after a hard day's work."

#71 Revel Brewing Co. (QLD) Fantastic Sour

3.5% Kettle Sour
"This Fanta-inspired kettle sour is a lively symphony of orange that will transport you straight into Fanta's own fantastical universe. Its zesty aroma, vibrant flavors, and playful mouthfeel create an experience that will surely put a smile on your face. So embrace the fizz, drink in the joy, and let this sour take you on a whimsical adventure into liquid refreshment."

#72 Your Mates Brewing Co. (QLD) Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta

8.0% Stout - White
"The natural sweetness of vanilla beans enhances the beer's balance without overshadowing it. Malt contributes caramel and toffee notes for comforting sweetness, while roasted malt adds subtle complexity. The harmony between malt sweetness and vanilla is complemented by a touch of hop bitterness for a clean finish. Additionally, the alcohol content enriches the flavor's complexity and depth."

#73 Bucket Brewery (NSW) ALTernate BIER

5.5% Altbier
"By most accounts, traditional noble European hops are called for when brewing your regular Altbier. Besides, it's mainly about the malt isn't it?? We've decided to go for an ALTernative with this version .............."

#74 The Coastal Brewing Company (NSW) Double Booti KNEIPA

8.0% New England (Double) IPA
"Double the Booti ! We've taken our popular Booti KNEIPA (brewed with Kveik yeast hence the silent K !) and given it the double treatment....!."

#75 The Social Brewers (NSW) Ooray for Gilbert

3.3% Specialty Beer
"Our standard Dark Mild, named in honour of Don Bradman has been given a dose of Indigenous Ooray (Davidson) Plum. Just like The Don himself when he was knocked over by Indigenous cricketer Eddie Gilbert on November 6, 1931. Dubbed by Bradman as The Fastest Bowler he'd ever seen, Gilbert took Sir Donald and gave him what for - much like we've done by whacking a stack of Ooray Plum in a traditional English Dark Mild.."

#76 Noodledoof (VIC) Thicker Than Water (Brazilian Blood Limeaide Sour)

8.0% Pastry Sour
"Our own twist on a Brazilian Limeaide using Australian native Blood limes. We then amp things up with heavy additions of lactose to bring condensed milk vibes and bring it back to the world of beer by adding all the citrus forward hops we can think of. To top it off we are giving our container kegs a hit of Nitro to bring enhanced creaminess."

#77 Psycho suzies brewing (QLD) Insane Kölche Posse

7.0% Kölsch
"This baddy is clean, crisp, citrusy and choc-a-bloc loaded up to 7% ABV. Built like a West Coast IPA, fermented like a Kölche. The best of all worlds!"

#78 Bad Shepherd Brewing Co (VIC) Biscoff Chocolate Brownie Porter

5.0% Porter
"Indulge in the rich, velvety depths of our Lotus Biscoff Brownie inspired Porter. Showcasing a masterful blend of chocolatey goodness, the roasted richness of a classic porter and the irresistible allure of Lotus Biscoff cookies, this beer is a symphony of decadent flavour."

#79 Billson's Brewery (VIC) Billson's Flavored Sour Beer

3.5% Specialty Beer
"Unlike ordinary beer, these fine blends have been brewing for some time now, the flavour and beer worlds have finally collided."

#80 Earth Beer Company (NSW) Golden Roots - Spiced Volcanic Sweet Potato Copper Ale

5.0% Experimental Beer
"Earth Beer Company is located in the heart of the Tweed Volcano Caldera. The fertile volcanic soils of this region are well-known for producing some of the best golden sweet potatoes in the country! This rich, malty and subtly spicey copper ale, highlights the delicious sweetness of the most loved root vegetable around."

section 5

Choose from beers 81 to 100 in this section. Click on a logo to discover what GABS Festival Beer each brewery has made for you.

#81 Morrison Brewery (TAS) Smoked Kelp Stout

10% Smoked Beer (non Rauchbier)
"Peat Smoked Kelp Imperial Stout, aged in Islay whisky casks."

#82 Reckless Brewing Co (NSW) The 'H' is Silent

4.5% Mixed Fermentation Sour
"TBA - Chardonnay co fermented sour. Brewed in homage to the favorite beverage of Kath and Kim."

#83 Prickly pete and the wolf brewing co (NSW) West coast story

6.0% Australian IPA
"Tropical and stone fruits with a hint of resiny pine and tea aromas"

#84 Dollar Bill Brewing (VIC) Simz Spicy Vanilla Gorilla

8.8% Mixed Fermentation Sour
"Sour barrel aged sour Belgian quad with infused with vanilla and barrel aged chillies"

#85 Wolf of the Willows (VIC) The Terpinator

6.2% IPA - American
"Dry hopped with at a massive zero g/L, all the late flavour and aroma additions are botanically derived terpenes, blended together to mimic some rad cannabis strains. Dank with plenty of that fresh bud goodness, rounded out with tropical fruit and citrus notes and finshed with a solid bitterness."

#86 The Suburban Brew (SA) Tradies Breakfast - Vienna Coffee Lager meets Custard Tart

5.0% Vienna Lager
"Expect to have your senses blown away by a perfect combination of smooth coffee complimented by roasted and caramel malts with vanilla and nutmeg notes ending with a crisp lager finish. When you are not on the tools this is the perfect tradies breakfast!"

#87 Bright Brewery (VIC) Abominable S'Mores Imperial Milk Stout

10% Imperial Stout
"Picture this: a moonlit camping trip, where chocolate rivers flow, vanilla bean vines hang low, and graham cracker bridges lead to a marshmallow wonderland. Suddenly, the elusive Yeti appears, armed with marshmallow magic to cast a creamy spell on your beer choices. Heartwarming but a little bit wild. And it smells a lot better."

#88 Seven Mile Brewing Co. (NSW) Banana and Blueberry Imperial Maple Maccadamia Pancake Smoothie Sour

9.0% Pastry Sour
"An abomination of a beer that you will only find at GABS. Allergy warning: Cacao, vanilla, maple, maccadamia, banana, blueberry, lactose, tumeric."

#89 Mismatch Brewing Co (SA) Apfelstrudle Pastry Hefe

8.9% Weizen/Weissbier/Hefeweizen
"A blend of real apple puree, vanilla, and wheat malt, fermented with a traditional Bavarian yeast strain. This Pastry Hefe brings together spice and apple flavours with a sweet custard-like mouthfeel. A balanced combination of tradition and innovation feature in this brand new style."

#90 Blackman's (VIC) Rocky road campfire chocolate smoked stout

7.0% Pastry Stout
"A dessert stout made to take to you to the imaginary campfire mind cosmos. One sip and you will be taken right to the fireside thinking you are toasting marshmallows with a light waft of smoke! made with a blend of bourbon barrel aged stout, smoked porter, marshmallows, chocolate and coconut"

#91 Future Magic Brewing Co. (QLD) Sweet as Pie

7.0% Specialty Beer
"We love beer, you love beer. We love Apple Pie, you love Apple Pie. We made a delicious Apple Pie biscuit ale that delights tastebuds while also making you quote Jeff Goldblum "You were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if you should." Well we think we should, so we did, enjoy!"

#92 St Andrews Beach Brewery (VIC) SAB Bitter

5.5% ESB (Extra Special Bitter)
"The finest English ingredients combine to create a flavoursome ale designed to be enjoyed by the pint. Rich and moreish malts are complemented by East Kent Golding and Fuggle hops for earthiness and a satisfying bitter finish. This is English style brewing at its finest."

#93 Mountain Culture (NSW) Smooth Landing - Fruit Punch IPA

7.5% IPA - Hazy
"A high flying innovative IPA jammed packed with fresh passionfruit, orange and grapefruit juices layered over a tropical dream boat of aromas from New World hops. This year we're taking GABS attendees on a trip around the world with our beer lineup, and we trust the silky, pillowy mouthfeel of this Fruit Punch IPA will make for a smooth landing at the end of the journey."

#94 Three Tails Brewing (NSW) Partical Fusion - worlds collide

5.8% Specialty Beer
"Part of our annual wine makers series in which we partner with one of Mudgee's leading wine makers. The delicate notes of wine, paired with the floral, citrus tones of a clean kolsch style beer. A once a year privilege to bring together some of the greatest parts of Mudgee. Working together with Logan wines to create something unique."

#95 Batch Brewing Company (NSW) Zombie Imperial Sour

8.0% Kettle Sour
"Our take on the classic Tiki cocktail. Oozing with tropical flavours from multiple fruit additions - sweet, sour, boozy - it's got it all. Be careful not to wake the dead."

#96 Heroes and Villains (WA) Equinox '24

9.2% Imperial IPA
"Orange zest/Blood orange. The moment when the world is in balance. Be the beer… Cool fermented for smooth presentation that makes way for big zesty orange and citrus"

#97 Robe Town Brewery (SA) Holy Smokes! - Camel Dung Smoked Porter

6.3% Smoked Beer (non Rauchbier)
“Holy Smokes! A beer made with camel dung?! This decadent camel dung smoked porter offers notes of burnt sugar, dark malt, and sticky dates. All wrapped gently in delicate flavours of smoke and oak. Smooth and warming with vibes of a well-aged whiskey.”

#98 Capital Brewing Co (ACT) Salvaged Cherry Cola

6% Specialty Beer
"Introducing Salvaged Cherry Cola: where rescued cherries find their fizzy fate in our cola concoction. Where flavour and conscience collide for a taste that's both refreshing and righteous."

#99 Escape Brewing (VIC) Escape The Heat - Belgian Ale with Jalapeños

6.6% Belgian Specialty Ale
"A tasty Belgian Ale infused with jalapeños providing a smooth brew with an increasing heat level on the finish. Can you escape the heat?"

#100 4 Hearts brewing (QLD) Miso Macadamia Stout

6% Porter
"Featuring local macadamias and small batch white miso, this beer invokes an umami reaction on the palate that's creamy and savory with a hint of balanced malt sweetness."

section 6

Choose from beers 101 to 120 in this section. Click on a logo to discover what GABS Festival Beer each brewery has made for you.

#101 Lady Burra Brewhouse (SA) Strawberry Champagne Beer

6.5% Specialty Beer
"Is it wine or beer? We dare not confine such uniqueness. Crafted to emulate a 'brut' wine, this beer is brewed super dry with a high attenuating Saison yeast. Nelson Sauvin hops lend a white wine character, while ample strawberries impart a delicate sweetness and pink hue. With its high carbonation, it fizzes like sparkling wine in the glass. At 6.5%, enjoy it by the pint, not just in a champagne flute."

#102 Brew Dog (QLD) Try And Banh Mi

10% Stout
"A rich, decadent and complex dark beer, with intense flavours of nuts and full-bodied coffee. Buckle up for an abundance of dark chocolate, with extra layers of flavours, from biscuity to creamy and let aroma embrace you in sweet coffee dreams."

#103 Willie The Boatman (NSW)

6% Classic Pilsner Lager

#104 Modus (NSW) Cereal for Dinner

6.5% New England IPA
"Relive those wondrous moments and throw convention out the window, we are having Cereal for Dinner! This is one dangerously smooth Oat Cream NEIPA, with just a hint of your favourite fruity ring cereal."

#105 Impi Brewers (WA) Black Mamba - Imperial Black Saison

12.0% Saison/Farmhouse Ale
"Rich black in colour like the mouth of a black mamba, this Imperial Saison is the perfect beer for a cold winter's day when not quite sure what you're in the mood for. With underlying complexity that keeps you coming back for more, you can expect flavours of, ripe banana, espresso, and a touch on treacle all supported by the spicy flavors of yeast."

#106 Local Brewing Co (VIC) Grand Slam' Strawberries & Cream Imperial Sour

7.4% Kettle Sour
"Nothing screams Wim-beer-don like sipping on strawberry champagne, we don't have the champagne, but we do have strawberries, and lots of them. This strawberries and cream imperial sour will serve ace's for days with a taste for both those sweet and sour moments on the court."

#107 Garage Project (NZ) Big Feelings

6.5% Hazy IPA
"Big flavour, Big Feelings. Luscious white, yellow gold hazy IPA, brewed with pale malts, wheat and oats, a generous addition of Yuzu and a touch of New Zealand sea salt, creating a beer with a huge citrus aroma and an outrageously juicy, quenching mouthfeel. So big! Giving you those Big Feelings."

#108 Moffat Beach Brewing Co (QLD) The Notorious F.I.G.

5.0% UK Brown Ale
"For one festival only, presenting The Notorious F.I.G. Sweet decadent rhymes of caramelised fig go toe to toe with hazelnut, toffee and sticky date vibes, all smoothed out with earthy English hops."

#109 Warrandyte Brewing Co. (VIC) Flat White Oatmeal stout

5.5% Oatmeal Stout
"In collaboration with one of our favorite cafes "Now & not yet' located in Warrandyte, this beer is brewed using their in house roasted beans & gives back to this non-for profit cafe that looks after our local community. Full bodied Stout with subtle roasted espresso aroma, complimented with a subtle sweetness."

#110 On Point Brewery (VIC) Hellhound

8.2% Baltic Porter
"This Baltic Porter has been ages in Whiskey barrels for 3 months allowing it to develop its complex flavours. Dried Raisin and toffee notes on the nose give way to a rich malty sweetness with tones of tobacco, leather and oak upon drinking. Finishing with a hint of vanilla."

#111 10 Toes brewing (QLD) Lord Barista

9% Imperial Stout
"Imperial Stout infused with the irresistible blend of rich coffee and creamy macadamia nuts. Indulge in its opulent depths as dark roasted malts intertwine with the luxurious sweetness of macadamia nut liqueur, creating a symphony of decadent Flavors that captivate the palate."

#112 Stoic Brewing (NSW) Bacon Me Crazy

7.0% American IPA
"A bold brew where Smoky bacon aroma dances from the glass and is balanced with a citrus hop profile of sun kissed grapefruit and, tangerine. A subtle malt backbone provides a smooth foundation, while the smoky bacon profile gently smolder in the background, adding depth and intrigue. The finish is crisp and refreshing, with lingering citrus zest and a hint of peppery spice"

#113 The Zythologist (VIC) Beer-ria taco lager

5% Rauchbier
"Capturing the flavours of one of the most trendy mexican foods, we brewed a Birria inspired Rauchbier. Crushed up corn tortilla shells, roasted guajillo chillies, mexican oregano, cinnamon, cilantro and beef broth were calculatively added to a slightly smokey lager to create this unmistakably Birria taco -like lager!"

#114 Co-Conspirators Brewing (VIC) A boy named Tiramisu

8.5% Pastry Stout
"The perfect irresistible pick me up with this decadent coffee-flavoured Italian dessert. The darkly robust presence of espresso and luscious rich chocolate, balanced with sweetness in this delicious pasty stout."

#115 Moon Dog (VIC) Raspberry Sherbet Bomb

6.5% Specialty Beer
"This Sherbet Bomb has been made from a mixed culture sour base, loaded with raspberries and dosed with Brazilian Electric Daisies. The combination of zingy-ness, sweet raspberry mouthfeel and tongue-tingling zippiness makes this beer taste just like a Raspberry Sherbet Bomb. Zingy acidity with sweet raspberry fruit and buzz button extract for mouth tingle"

#116 monkey shoulder (Scotland) Ginger Monkey

6% Cocktail
Refreshing ginger, vanilla, spiced oak, hints of orange

#117 Matso's Piña Colada

6% Cocktail
Tropical bliss in a glass! This 6% ABV piña colada dances with creamy coconut and ripe pineapple, balanced perfectly with a hint of rum. Sip, and let the island breeze whisk you away.

#118 Eddies Cider (VIC) Eddies Crisp Apple

4.5% Traditional Cider
"Nice colour and depth. Soft and delicate apple puree, interesting spiciness stewed fruit aromatics. Mild nose but aromas feel authentic. Good flavours of ripe apple, pear, and stone fruit. Nice balance of freshness in fruit sweetness and mouth feel in acid line and length. Well-rounded and very well-balanced. Some bitter and tannin complexity integrated well."

#119 Spreyton Cider Co (TAS) Cloudy Apple & Ginger

4.5% Specialty Cider
"Our cloudy apple and ginger cider is a refreshing and flavourful beverage that combines the natural sweetness of apples with the spicy kick of ginger. The combination of cloudiness, apple sweetness, and ginger spiciness creates a well-balanced cider that is both invigorating and comforting."

#120 TBC

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