GABS Festival


At GABS, we continually strive to elevate the craft beer experience, bringing together leading breweries to brew new, unique and exclusive craft beers. It’s what we’re known for!

Our much-anticipated annual Summer Pack release once again raises the bar and these 8 outstanding independent breweries from around Australia showcase the diversity, creativity and quality you’ve come to expect from the GABS Summer Mixed Pack. 

Inside the distinctive tropical box, you will discover a range of sessionable Summer brews including a Pilsner, Lager, Hazy Ale, Sour, Stout, IPA and Farmhouse Table Beer.

Add to that, the amazing bonus two free Pringles snacks, a $50 merch voucher PLUS an entry into a competition to win an all-expenses paid trip for two to GABS Sydney 2024, this is one you don’t want to miss!

With only a limited number of these incredible packs made, hurry and get yours. Available exclusively at First Choice Liquor Market, Vintage Cellars and Liquorland nationwide.

Watermelon, Lemongrass & Kaffir Lime Pilsner

We aimed for a unique profile by blending flavours from an easy drinking pilsner with the sweet, slightly watery note of a fresh watermelon along with beautifully vibrant flavours from Southeast Asian spices. Finishing light, crisp and super refreshing, this brew hits juuuuust right for those hot summer days!

Pilsner | 4.5%

Czech Dark Lager

A delicious dalliance with the dark side. Pouring with deep hues of ruby, this medium-bodied lager is a heady, bready blend of florals and spice with true Motueka voodoo coursing through its veins. Hellishly good!

Dark Lager | 5.3%

Session Hazy

Hazy, juicy and easy-drinking. These were the targets set for this ultimate sessionable hazy experience. Brewed with a generous amount of rolled oats and a large dose of mosaic & cascade hops, this beer is full of mango, pine, citrus tropical and stone fruit flavours at a sessionable 3.5% abv.

Hazy Session Ale | 3.5%

Plump up the Jam

Plump up the jam, plump it up While your feet are stompin’ And the jam is plumpin’ Look ahead, the crowd is jumpin Plump it up a little more. Get the party going on the dance floor See, ’cause that’s where the party’s at..our delicious PLUMP UP THE JAM, a deliciously brewed plum and lemon pastry sour.

Plum and Lemon Pastry Sour Ale | 4.4%

Drip Drip Banana Flip

Ready to go bananas? A tantalizing milk stout brewed with a double dose of hazelnut and freshly roasted coffee from our good friends at Fat Cat Coffee roasters. Finished off with ripe Aussie bananas, it’s a creamy breakfast coffee shaken up with a dreamy nutty dessert, and a banana on top.

Banana Milk Stout w/ double iced hazelnut coffee | 5.8%

Cold Lampin

Effortlessly cool, it kicks off with a burst of citrus, slides into dank vibes, and wraps up with a perfect balance – just like the art of chillin’ low. Flava Flav would approve.

Chill IPA | 5.4%


Lazy day summer sipping in the citrus grove ~ a dry and zesty salted farmhouse table beer brewed with our house yeast and a medley of local citrus. This beer is alive and made with all natural ingredients.

Farmhouse Salted Citrus Table Beer | 3.5%

Hoppo Troppo Tropical Sour

Summer vibes with “Hoppo Troppo” – the ultimate tropical brew that’s like a sunshine-filled vacation in a can! Just imagine the taste of summer crammed into every sip, where tropical,citrus flavours and a burst of zingy tartness throw a full-on fiesta on your taste buds

Tropical Sour Ale | 4.0%


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